Auto Insurance Florida

Almost in every part of the world, you need to possess auto insurance for driving a vehicle on road and Florida is not an exception to this rule. It is very easy to find information on Auto Insurance Florida. This is because; Florida has a separate department known as Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department. This department provides answers to all queries related to auto insurance in Florida. However, in a nutshell, you are required to have liability insurance if you are looking forward to register a vehicle in Florida. It is not difficult to get auto insurance in Florida. For minimum insurance you will require $10,000 for personal injury and $10,000 for property damage

Auto Insurance FloridaFacts about Auto Insurance in Florida

One of the most interesting facts about auto insurance in Florida is that you have the flexibility of holding insurance in some other state. If that particular insurance company does not have a license of selling in Florida, it will not have to meet the requirements of Florida auto insurance. This means that you might have to get hold of some other insurance carrier for registering your vehicle in Florida. Another important fact that you can note regarding auto insurance in Florida is that if you are found not possessing vehicle insurance for a vehicle registered in your name, your driver’s license is likely to be suspended. You will have to provide a proof of auto insurance prior to getting reinstated. You might also be charged a fee of $150 which increases post each infraction. Apart from this, there is another important fact for you to know. Any vehicle in Florida is required to maintain insurance for one full registration year. It is mandatory for people to have insurance irrespective of the fact that whether they are storing their vehicle, not using it or driving it on a continuous basis. Vehicles with registrations tags should have insurance in Florida.

What if you do not want Auto Insurance?

If you do not want auto insurance in Florida on any non-running vehicle, then the best thing that you can do is avoid registering the vehicle. You can even surrender the registration tag of your vehicle and this will help you in avoiding the process of getting auto insurance. However, if you want to drive your vehicle then you would have to reregister your vehicle and show the proof of auto insurance provided by State of Florida insurance agency.

Regulations Pertaining to Florida Auto Insurance

Auto insurance regulations vary from one place to another. It is very important for every individual to have the correct information and knowledge about auto insurance regulations. This will help them in making sound decisions when it comes to choosing the type of insurance coverage required. There are different regulations for auto insurance in Florida. These regulations have been declared by Florida department Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Some of the specific rules pertaining to auto insurance in the state of Florida have been detailed below:

Minimum PIP Coverage

Minimum PIP or Personal Injury Protection coverage required in Florida is $10,000. It is a kind of no-fault policy meaning you and your family members are covered for injuries irrespective of the fact that whether you caused an accident or not. This policy also covers people in your car without PIP protection of their own.

Minimum PDL Liability

Auto Insurance Florida also needs Property Damage Liability coverage of minimum $10, 000. You require this coverage for paying for the damages caused to some other individual’s vehicles or property during an accident that you might have caused.

Florida-Only Insurance

One of the most important rules in regards to auto insurance in Florida is that your insurance should be delivered by a licensed company in Florida. This directly means that you are unable to show a policy issued to you from a different state.


Your driving license is likely to be cancelled if you do not possess auto insurance in Florida. You might have to pay around $500 for various additional violations.

Part-Time and Business Residents

People, who are on business in the state or part-time residents of Florida staying for more than 90 days every year, need to possess year-round, full-time auto insurance. Registered vehicles in Florida, whether they are used or not, need to have auto insurance.